yeah, it's been a while.

i was out for a drink tonight with my friend when she leaned over and said, "hey, have I missed something? or did you unsubscribe me from you blog? i haven't read anything from you in a while." i laughed. "no, no," i told her. she was right. it's been over a month since i've blogged. i just can't seem to get myself to share.

i wouldn't consider myself a blogger but i guess with over 150-odd posts over the past years, that's what some would call it. i love to write. it's always been a passion of mine. this brain has way too much traffic in it to keep it all to myself. and lately, what with going through a divorce after 18 and a half years of marriage and watching my kids endure all that comes with it, there is even more commotion up there than ever. where my blog was once a place to shout out a weekly menu, or share milestones of my fledgling catering company, now it's a place where i sometimes go to process the ins and outs of my fear. which is probably pretty weird to be doing to a group of folks who signed on to hear about what food we are serving.

so i'd slowed up on the reality show of my life because i didn't want to turn people away. but it seems, i guess, people have noticed. my girlfriend today was the sixth person to mention my disappearance from her monday morning inbox flurry this week. grateful to know the people who check-in like to see a bit of both: delicious food, maybe some cute pics of my kids, and perhaps a little more intel on a family of six that has become five than i would have thought.

so i'm back. feels good to tickle the keys of my shiny new macbook (thank you very much catchy. for a strong spring that helped me afford it). parentals, we did it!! we've made it to the midway point of the summer. who's with me in feeling like it's been six months rather six weeks? anyone answering 'not I', we are no longer friends. summer vacation? MY *SS.

having kids home from school is exhausting. add in two teenagers who think they are too old for anything structured and i want to rip my eyelashes out. if it ain't camp, then it's a job big kids so feel free to go & get it (weird, they didn't). what camps to we put them in? are my friends in them with me? carpools: are you on drop off? or pick up? 9-12pm for $225/week? to say nothing of the constant banter of telling them to get off their g*d d*mn devices. what ever happened to: go outside and don't come back until the street lights go on and you hear you dad's whistle?? those were the days. not to sound like a complainer but IS IT ALMOST SEPTEMBER 1ST YET?!? I've literally run right the f*ck out of things to do.

in the meantime: we've been catering parties like it is our job. oh, that's right. IT IS. we've done baptisms and graduations. corporate luncheons and a 50th birthday parties with drag queens that, SERIOUSLY, do not GET more fabulous (look left & see). we are creating new ice cream flavors like we are ben & freakin' jerry and i'm telling you, you've never licked something so good off a spoon. hello cookie crumble. we are over here upping our game every damn day. we booked a bar mitzvah today and a corporate gig for a non-profit last week that made my heart sing that we finally found our way into their event-planning world. catchy. is getting it done and while it's hard to shout out about the good stuff while the rest of my world is feeling a little like an episode of gossip girl, i'm gonna try and do it anyway. HERE WE GO PEOPLE: this is the tea:

starting in september, catchy. is coming at you LONGER HOURS. that's right: you asked, we answered. no longer will we be opening our doors at 11am while you all stand outside waiting to grab your salads and chicken fingers after your morning barre class. doors will be swinging open at 10am. and just to keep things balance, we won't close them until 8pm. I mean, why have dinners if we aren't open to serve them?

10am to 8pm.


can't wait to see you then. meantime, one more week before we close for a little vacation: 7/26-8/4 we will be CLOSED! more from me then.

thanks for welcoming me back.