ask and ye shall receive...

one of my dad's favorite lines was "ask and ye shall receive." growing up in a family of ten kids, special meals or time alone with his mom were not at a premium. but my grandma always told him, 'I can't know what you want unless you ask for it. I may not always be able to deliver it, but you have a far better chance of success if you open your mouth.' it's one of my kid's favorite stories. their requests for a special dinner or getting to run errands JUST with mom (and not a sister or brother tagging along) always remind me that everyone has something they really want and that I always need to be open to hearing it.

after too many requests to count from the orthodontics office who needs to get their lunch order in first thing in the morning before they get busy and forget, to the moms who pop in before OPEN FOR BUSINESS sign has been flipped on the door in hopes of grabbing their healthy salad after their barre class and getting home to make some headway on the laundry before that nursery school pick up is upon them, you have asked too many times to ignore that we need to OPEN EARLIER!! coupled with the millennial kids hard at work at the office looking for their dinners on seamless and finding us closed at 7pm just when they are starting to get hungry for our mexicali burger (and telling us about it in their reviews), we knew we had to figure out a way to make it happen.

so we hired a new chef for you all (thank you for your patience there - THAT is always a fun process of getting the new kid up to speed on 32 salads, sandwiches & appetizers), shifted around 16 people's schedules to fill in ALL the gaps and we are making it happen!! tomorrow marks the inaugural opening of catchy.'s ten hour days. TEN. HOUR. DAYS. PEOPLE. how exciting is that?!?

starting at 10AM tomorrow and we will have our to go case FILLED with our delicious salads, soups & tasty treats. and we will keep at it until 8PM so when you are bleary-eyed on that last carpool at 7:30 and can't figure out what the H*LL to make for dinner you can pop over to and order straight from your phone and it will be delivered HOT to your doorstep by the time your kid has gotten his smelly *SS into your car. WE HAVE YOU COVERED!!

REMINDER!! the fall is heating up with catered events. everything from weddings to bar mitzvahs to progressive dinners and corporate lunches have our heads spinning so call and book your ladies night or husband's 50th or daughter's baptism ASAP if you want to reserve our best staff! for those of you who know us, our service is as fabulous as our food but we can't promise our A Team to you if you don't call in advance and let us know what you need.

see you bright and early tomorrow folks - remember, 10am-8pm are our new hours, plan dinner accordingly now that our grill will be open1!