i'm calling my shot...


i know, i know. it's something they tell you never to do. but i'm doing it anyway. i'm standing squarely in faith on this one and i'm calling on my peeps.

i need you guys,


it's time.

i need you to spread the word about catchy. and i need you to do it NOW. to those of you who read my blog, to those who pop into the cafe for lunch to you folks that order up our catering for your special events -


how can you help? ahh, thank you so much for asking. okay, here we go:

1) let's start with this blog? i need you to email it - like, right now - send it off to your five closest friends who you think would love our food & service as much as you do and tell them to sign up for it on our website (www.thecatchycaterer.com).

2) our instagram posts (handle: @catchy.hhk), follow us, drool over our pics and then tag your friends so they can see our amazing images of catered events, our handmade ice cream, our new menu items. oh, and my cute kids;)

and 3) your town's Facebook Moms pages: yes!! TELL THEM WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT US (btw, thank you everyone on FB this weekend shouting out about catchy., i saw it, i loved it, you made our day!). please, please - do it now!! catchy. has a goal and we are calling our shot!!

i've talked about my goal in 2019. on january 1st, i threw down the gauntlet and challenged myself to grow catchy. 10% in 2019. i figured we would take it slow and see what could be done. a little marketing, a little extra posting on the gram, maybe move a few percentage points each month. well, you guys MORE than delivered. by the 1st quarter we were up 7.8%. in only three months, we were 78% there. BAM. so what did this goal hungry, hard hitting entrepreneur think:


and just like that, i raised the bar on myself. i told my kitchen, my the front of the house and everyone in between that starting in the second quarter, our new goal was to grow catchy. 20%. that meant more from everyone: more organization. more hustle. more pounding the pavement. and more long, hot sweaty hours. but first and foremost, it meant more out of their owner. i needed to step it up and figure out how to drive even more people through my doors and i was starting it in a month that we crushed in 2018. how the hell could i grow april 2019 higher than '18?? and then it hit me. something i have been working on for the last nine months and getting better at every day:


i've found over the past (grueling) nine months that there are people in your corner and they want to be there for you. they want you to succeed. they want to help. they don't ask "what can i do?" unless they mean it and they legitimately hope you will take them up on it. it's been a long nine months. there have been crappy moments with lots of tears, slammed doors and frustration. but there have been even more great ones. more moments of laughter, pride and joy than i can count on one hand: opening night for my boy. my oldest's prom. a pedi with my third born in the middle of the school day. reuniting with my college lacrosse team, 25 years later, standing on a field together raising a national championship trophy. the moments that have stood out most were when the people who i've shown up for and who have shown up for me, stood beside me and said: I'M HERE. it's not easy to let them in and take their help, but i've been told if i'm smart, i will. turns out, i'm pretty smart.

so i am asking the same of you. if you love catchy., if you love what we do, if you love what we are about, help us drive our business and spread the word about what we do in this small little shop in ho-ho-kus.


corporate catering. your school's teacher appreciation lunches. weddings, football banquets, everything. one day we hope to expand this place beyond this town and folks, i am asking for you to help me do it.