nothing keeps a winner down...

easter '19 in the books. at some point (i've heard), it's going to get easier. that point is not yet.

it was my first easter flying solo & single and man, no amount of chocolate eggs was going to make that one palatable. i've heard, so often, that we can't hold two thoughts in our brain at once (thank g*d). so i've been working at cultivating a gratitude mindset to counterbalance my inclination to focus on the detritus floating around me lately. easter '19 was the perfect opportunity to put it to work and i thought what better place to share it than on my catchy. blog since you all are a huge reason i'm still managing to haul myself out of bed these days.

#1. these kids. sure they are feeling smacked around by this whole divorce process but they find a way to make me laugh, often, and they know how to live in the moment better than most of us.

#2. catchy. the customers. the creativity. the diversion. having something i am actually good at at a time when i feel like i am so very NOT good at so much. i woke to a text from a new customer thanking us for, and i quote: "preparing such fresh & delicious food with our family's needs in mind." check one for the good guys, i am doing something right.

#3. extended family (and friends). we can all relate to siblings and in laws sometimes getting under our skin over the years. happens with the best of relationships. but don't discount those people who know you so well, who will step up and step in with your kids when they are at their lowest points and take them to go buy sneakers, to a movie, for a sleepover to bring them some joy when being in their quiet, now-weird house feels like a torture. to my sisters & brothers - blood or not - saving me seats at church to make Easter mass easier, squeezing my hand & calling "just to hear my voice" when life gets tough, setting up egg hunts for my youngest when your kids have long trended out of them, you are seen. loved. and appreciated.

#4. gratitude. abundance. a message to us all. we have far more than we need. a snapshot of a little sisterly love is all it takes to refocus my mindset. sometimes it feels like life is whacking you down every time you pop your head up. it isn't. it's just your perspective. keep rising strong (#brenebrown). nothing can keep a winner down. NOTHING.

#5. lastly: attitude. have the right one and everything else falls into place. we got this people.