there isn't much i don't love about my job...

there's nothing like a wedding celebration to make me realize why i do what i do.  


there isn't much i don't love about my job. developing new recipes. creating special memories for people trying to surprise a husband on his 50th or throw a holiday cocktail party with every one in town invited. talking to people who flood into my store, getting to hear snippets of their daily lives and brings me back to the reality that life is just made better when you share your story, even briefly, with others. 


but my favorite thing is the TEAMWORK i get to experience at catchy. i played goalie for my lacrosse team in college and while it was demanding, often grueling, and both emotionally and physically challenging more often than it was fun (holy timed miles i never want to think of again), there were days when you found yourself laughing through the pain of a brutal practice or a tough loss with this collection of crazy personalities. we weren't the brightest superstars in the league, in fact, we were more of a motley, rag tag group of scrappy, but hard working, overachievers. yet somehow we managed to patch together a winning season that took us to the final four my sophomore year and brought home the national championship. there was a feeling of teamwork i felt through every single practice and game on the field that year that was something i wish i could bottle. it was so comforting and right. i have, somehow, had the most wonderful good fortune to have found it again at catchy. my chefs. my managers. my servers and bartenders. every person who works at my cafe and on these events with me makes me smile, has my back, gives me everything they have for sometimes over 12 hours in a row without pause and it brings back that comforting feeling of knowing i have found my tribe. there is no greater feeling to me than knowing someone has your back and the wedding this past weekend, with this team, was just another reminder of why i am so lucky to do what i do. i'm not solving world hunger (well, i am feeding people?) or reinventing the wheel, but it feels good to make people's special celebrations just a little easier by taking care of every last request, stress or concern.