summer is over. hoo-freakin-ray.

o.m.g. summer is OVER. hoo-freakin-ray.

i know some of you (possibly most of you) find that utterly depressing. and while there is a sliver of me that is saddened that the days are growing shorter, the sand and waves are but a fond memory for the next ten months and the unstructured time with my kids is dwindling to almost none; the anticipation of fall always hold such excitement for me. the crisp autumn air, NY Giants football on the T.V. (whoooo! go Eli!!) and talk of apple picking in my car just this morning made me smile with delight. one of my favorite things about living in new jersey is that we get to experience all four seasons. and though i love summer like nobody's business, i always look forward to getting back work after the lazy summer schedule and bringing you ridiculous new salad ideas i discovered at the hottest little cafes in southampton, incredible apps for your holiday festivities and piping hot dinners that will knock your socks off while simultaneously giving you a break as you settle into your nutty fall carpool schedule (calgon, take. me. AWAY. this year).