i may as well start day drinking...

i literally have no idea where the days go. i'm cruising through my week, getting sh*t done, we make it to the weekend and suddenly both days whiz by and it's monday night and i've totally lost my bearings. is this old age or does everyone else feel like this at the beginning of the school year? how is it wednesday already? this jewish holiday just completely throws me off my game and i feel like it's either saturday night or i'm back on summer vacation these kids are home so much. i may as well start day drinking...uh, i guess i just did.

i don't get september. why is it the month kids go back to school if we are just going to have them home 30% of the time each week?? i mean, wtf? are in you school or not?? you start them on the 6th (a thursday) and then it's the weekend. then you throw a little rosh hashanah at us to make it a three day weekend. today we've got yom kippur and then we walk right into back to school night tomorrow where, of course, they dismiss the kids at 12:45pm so the teachers can prepare. you know what i'm going to prepare for? an early demise if you don't keep my freakin' kids in school for more than 48 hours in a row. come on!

i just want to get into a routine. would just love to hit a consistent two days at the gym or maybe a yoga class or even more exciting, some food shopping without having my crew home searching for something "fun" to do (read: anywhere they can spend $100 to bounce on a trampoline, throw 32 gutter balls or shoot paint guns at one another). i'm over it. i have events to plan, autumn flowers to plant, kids summer clothes to purge and i can't string more than two hours together before they are home again looking to eat (that's a whole other story) and tell me everything that happened in their day. does anyone care what happened in my day? (did they ever?)

the only upsides to this week are we're already at thursday (sorry again for the late blog, my bad) and we made you crispy cornflake crusted chicken with homemade bbq sauce and a corn muffin FROM SCRATCH. that's right, i'm not playin' ya. CORNFLAKE CRUSTED. yeah, yeah i know. i love you too. order your lunches/dinners by phone at 201.445.6400