yep, that just about sums it up...

yep, that just about sums it up...

that little snapshot up above (a frosty cocktail) pretty much paints a picture of my saving grace each night at around 5:30pm when we had left the roller coasters, over-priced carnival games and turkey legs behind at the theme parks and had graduated to the hotel pool for a little R&R before starting it all over again after dinner. did we really need to cover two parks a day for five days? i think not. but  i am married to a kid and he had an agenda and on it was every ride from the hulk to the seven dwarves mine train and we travelled no less than 25,000 steps every day to check them each off our list. if no one has ever told you disney is "the most wonderful place on earth," i'm here to tell you that while i may agree, i think "the most tiring place on earth" is a little more accurate. for. the. love. that was no vacation. 

but while my veiled sarcasm may paint a picture that was less than idyllic, in the interest of honesty and full disclosure, our vacation. was. AWESOME. like my husband, i have a little 11 year old in me that screams for speed, exhilaration as well as the need for finding every single disney pin ever sold on the property for my lanyard. born in the lake placid olympics generation when we collected pins on for our ski hats like they were playing cards, my kids and i raced from one park employee to the next chomping at the bit to see which pins we could trade in between racing through the fast pass lines and downing cups of butter beer. there are no places more addictive and compulsive than disney & universal, the parks filled with places to spend money, test your limits of bravery (georgia failed misery...she does not take after me or my husband) and gorge yourself on every type of culinary indulgence. but hey, it's orlando, wasn't that what we were there for??

but my takeaway wasn't excitement over finally getting to ride rip it rocket or seeing the fireworks overhead at 9pm. in truth, it the opportunity to spend 9 consecutive days with my  husband, four kids and my son's best friend in a place where you can do and be pretty much whatever you want. watching them laugh, buoy one another up when one was a little fearful, hold each other's hands, be kind to strangers and respectful to any number of waiters, ticket takers and fellow park goers afforded me the time to see our hard work in action. all the times we tell them "be kind to your sister," "let someone else have a chance," "listen to your brother's story without  interrupting," have paid off. watching these five kids joke around, share pins with one another, give someone a boost onto a ride they couldn't manage solo made my heart sing. i am so lucky to have been blessed with these kids in my life, but also have the means to take them to a place as (f&*%ing) fun (freakin' loud) & crazy  (and exhausting) and act like a kid again. don't get me wrong, plenty of moments i wanted to string one of them up by their necks (wow, that sounded a little harsh...if accurate), but the overall takeaway: best. trip. ever.

now i need another vacation because i'm exhausted. 

back to work this week and we are READY. TO. GO. spring sports have begun, plays and activities are nearing their show times, and you moms & dads are taxed and overwrought from a long week with no school. and i know no one came home from vacation and whipped up a week's worth of healthy meals yesterday in anticipation of the busyness (well, except me...insert self-deprecating smile, but that's because i ate my weight in dairy products & french fries. don't judge me). we have your favorite's right below so take a gander and order up straight from the website: and remember, we deliver to your doorstep, couldn't be any easier than that.