i'm not one to laud this holiday. frankly, i hate it.

it's valentine's day and the best way to your bae's heart is, unequivocally, through his stomach (or at least that's been my experience being married to an italian who could eat cardboard smothered in sunday gravy if i let him). 

i am not one to laud this holiday. frankly, i hate it. it's like new year's eve: all those poor slobs without a man/woman to smooch when the clock strikes midnight are left feeling like they are defective while their cute (read: probably slutty) counterparts are tipping back champagne and giggling profusely as they are hugged tight by the strapping quarterback types. uh, it's just STRESSFUL. well, at least it was for me, an awkward, glasses-wearing teenager with terrible skin and braces...at 14 (jesus mom, we couldn't get on the orthodontics earlier in life than FOURTEEN??). valentine's day is like an exercise in feeling badly for about 84% of the population. watching my teenagers gearing up for it last night, picking out their outfits and buying cheesy crap from the Rite Aid to give to their potential crushes (i say potential bc i'm not privy to the actual data with those two...like ever), it just about gave me heart burn to watch. don't break their hearts, please, be kind. 

 so needless to say, while i have myself a strapping bae now, i'm still not one to make a huge to do over this particular celebration in any way other than gastonomically. awwww yeah baby, FOOD. who doesn't like themselves some tasty grub mid-winter when they can still hide under an over-sized sweater?? i do.