oh you know it....

oh you know it....

i can not, can NOT, begin to explain how much i enjoyed that game last night. and i'm not even an eagles fan. god there is something so gratifying about seeing a bunch of overinflated egos get made right size again. not a person i know thought the underdog eagles could do it against platinum tom brady. 

 - who is this journeyman nick foles? 

- isn't he the back up?

 - you think he can perform on a grand stage??

um, yes, it seems YES is the correct answer there. and could he have been ANY CUTER holding that little smush of a baby girl with her hot pink sound-eliminating ear muffs - SERIOUSLY!!! my boy may be little vanilla behind the microphone but naming his kid and wife before his team and coach sends him to the top of the heap in my eyes.

they say on any given day...and having lived that saying on both sides of the coin (and hating it when my team has gone into a game as the surefire winner and come out bruised, battered, asses in hand) there is nothing so humbling to those who thought they had a W in hand to see the underdog come out on top. but isn't that the beauty of sports? of life? that the ones who look like they have it all figured out and like sh*t just flows smoothly for them in every instance have to endure a brutal ego adjustment every now and again just like the rest of us? not that i'm wishing negativity and hardship on people (well, maybe just on platinum tom), but it's nice to be able to teach our kids that though it looks like so-and-so always comes out on top, or johnny whosey-doopie always gets every new phone/game/article of clothing he wants before anyone else, they are enduring their own struggles perhaps behind the scene (or sometimes on the grandest stage of all). 

life isn't fair but the one trueity i know is that everyone will get theirs. maybe you got yours at 8, 15, or 39 years old and your best friend never seems to have anything but trips to paris and roses for no reason. trust me when i say, everyone gets their share of the sh*t. so as we sit and applaud that eagle victory today from the watercooler, know that the great equalizer that may have already wreaked its havoc on your world is circulating out of your world and into someone else. be grateful you can enjoy your moment of peace, happiness and victory after having watched the underdogs prevail. and know somewhere tom is crying in his cheerios...hahaha (sorry to my pats fans customers, i still love you though)!!