there is SO. MUCH. GOING. ON.

there is SO. MUCH. GOING. ON.

we've got your spring catering pouring in. we've got our cafe lunches flying out the door to all those health-conscious ladies who know they will be forced to wear a bathing suit & chase their little Stillwell Angel around the pool all june in the less than 6 weeks (yes, i said SIX - can you flipping believe that - even if spring temps haven't yet hit a solid mid-50's all season). 

and...we've got our hot dinner game SO STRONG that we have decided on MAY 1ST (whooooo!) we will be keeping out doors open later (8pm?? who said that) and offering apps for sale like our roasted corn guacamole & homemade tortilla chips with our new catchy.lime salt, our mouth-watering crispy deep fried macaroni & cheese bites and a bevy of other appetizers and new dinners (ummm, like this mexicali burger below with pepper jack cheese, avocado, pico & the creamiest,zippiest chipotle lime crema you will ever wipe off your chin) available to eat on our patio with a frosty CORONA LIGHT that you bring on over from chuck russo down the block - can i get a WHAT?!?!

catchy. has never been hooking you up so good. i mean it. you ask, we answer. you beg. we bow. our dinner rush has gotten so hectic we decided to capitalize on the demand and keep the doors open later just for you. come after your kids lacrosse/baseball games. meet your hubby with a bottle of rose and bring the stroller with your little lamb chop strapped in inside so you can enjoy some of best items from our catering menu AT. OUR. CAFE. who came up with this idea?!?!? yes, it's true. the genius was...not me. but whatever, i digress.

in the meantime, while we wait for the thermometer to rise and our chefs to get versed in these delectable additions to our menu, enjoy our usual suspects on the in the meantime. to get your fresh, delicious lunches or piping hot dinners you can walk in, call our cafe line 201.445.6400 or order ONLINE at www.thecatchycaterer.come. 

and if you need catering for your spring or summer event, i don't know what in the hell you are waiting for because we are already booked up chock full for april and have a dozen events for may. go get on that stick baby!!  we have your favorite's right below so take a gander and order up!