i thought it was fall. wtf is going on here global warming??

i thought it was fall, wtf is going on here global warming? 

it was like africa hot this weekend. holy cripes, don't the weather gods know some of us 40-somethings don't do well with 90+ degree weather in late september? shazam i am ready for fall. i was just at my good friend kristen dahl's 2 year anniversary party on thursday night purchasing some of her ridiculously cute fall fashions and when you drop $$$ of fabulous pieces you want to show them off. like ASAP. i'm over these simmering heaters, i really am. 

so i have decided to just act as if. i am donning my cozy sweaters, blank jeans and booties and stocking the cafe with my new favorite cookie baker: mimi's cookies insanely cute cookies designs. we are selling bags of mini acorns, apples & sunflowers but take a freakin' look at what else this woman is capable of?!? it's insane. we will be offering her incredible cookie platters for holidays, birthday parties and anything in between. call 201.445.6400 for more information on those.

in the meantime we are back at it. after a fabulous jewish holiday which we happily took advantage of, though our heritage screams irish italian LOUD, we are relaxed and all filled up with great new ideas. me and my girls hit the city with abandon, walking the west side, soho, tribeca and more. we dropped into the san gennaro festival, the taiyaki ice cream shop with their bangin' fish shaped waffles &  every playground and walking path in between. i came home from my nyc food trek, once again, with loads of new ideas for fun twists on appetizers and dinner menus for the upcoming holiday. i would advise calling ASAP about your holiday party as we just booked our fifth christmas event on saturday morning and we only have so many staff to go around for your fine events.  

so get on the stick people! we want to cater as many of our fine patrons as possible. if we know we need to contract more staff for your events, we will. but it takes time to find good people so give us leeway by booking now. if you wait until the last minute, you will be stuck with your head in the oven during your christmas soiree rather than strutting around the room in your kickass velvety off the shoulder number. deep in the oven? or knocking back a cranberry mojito with your neighbors? i say no question. BOOK IT NOW.