you know those days when you just think you can't do anymore? well read on, and think again. you can do anything.

you know those days when you just think you can't do anymore? well read on, and think again. you can do anything.

i ran the spartan race at citizens field in philly on saturday. 4 miles and 10+ obstacles. my husband, my two youngest and about 125 other friends and soon-to-be-friends raced up and down the stadium steps, climbed 25' ropes, carried 40# jugs of water and in general pushed our bodies to limits a mid-forties crew just shouldn't be doing on a regular basis. team papa "D" covered the stadium in royal blue and between the bad *ss spartan head bands and our matching shirts, i haven't felt that cool since i hung up my lacrosse cleats senior year at princeton.

we ran for and with our friend dan morris (that's him below) who was diagnosed with early onset parkinsons. rather than to submit to the sh*tty hand he was dealt, he has brought people together to fundraise, hell raise and generally raise our voices to find a cure. he and his wife julie are the kind of people i like to surround myself with: those who say bring it on rather than I've had enough. it was such a special moment to be a part of and i know my kids left that field thinking it's pretty fantastic that we can "do" something sometimes even when everything and everyone around may be telling you that you can't. the pictures don't hold a candle to what a cool experience it was to join together with neighbors and try and make a difference.

so, severely sidelined today because of my petulant need to try and win things and the pain that often brings, i had plenty of time to write my blog, lie on the sofa, eat loaves of pumpkin bread, and lie on the sofa some more. a part of me didn't want to crack my computer but the business lady in me needed to shout out the menu to you all. after three, count them THREE, sell-out weeks, i couldn't leave you guys in the lurch without knowing what's on the menu. you have cleaned out our takeaway case day in and day out. you have ordered more quarts of soup than you did in all three summer months combined (that's an insane amount of soup in three weeks) and you've never ordered more online from our website ( - get after it people!) than this week. BOOM. check the menu and let's do it again people.