why am i blogging' at you twice in one week?

why am i bloggin' at you twice in one week? well, because it's just a food kinda week and you need to know about these piping hot dinners that we are cooking up alongside that cheesy chili skillet mac so we can make your week just that much easier.

so we shouted at you that we made 15 trays of cheesy chili skillet mac for halloween and you responded with orders for 11 of them. BAM! i'd say that means you are looking for a night off from the stove tomorrow when all your princesses, zombies & football players head out the door to forage for candy. we still have a few available so email me NOW if you want some tasty treats for a few neighbors to pop over after your trick or treating has come to an end because they won't last past today. $39.95/tray for that cheesy, bubbly, delicious pile of saucy, meaty goodness in the picture above. feeds 8, not a bad deal.

but aside from that tray of decadence what else are we cooking up for you this week? um, how's about a little chicken pot pie with our famous homemade crust and the savoriest of savory beef stroganoff over buttery egg noodles? stop the madness. just STOP. IT. we will not. we can not. it's ready to be delivered to your doorstep like tonight at 5pm. can i get a WHOO!!! 

you guys managed to buy MORE food from catchy. last monday than have you since the FIRST DAY we opened!!! we sat and watched the register tally up 17 hot dinners, 25 orders of chicken fingers 56 salads (holy cripes!), a dozen and a half sandwiches and 28 quarts of soup (28!!)! it was madness! we literally did not close the register before it was ringing open one more time. so let's do it again people!! you have candy to buy, costumes to slap together and houses to clean so your neighbors can pop over for a post-candy glass of wine celebration for making it through the first of three holidays over the next 62 days. we are here for you with fresh, delicious food that will warm your insides.