you are in the sweet spot.

it was one of those magical weeks. they don't happen often (ever) so i'm gonna just name it & bask in it for a bit if you will allow me...

you know when those stretches of time that defy description? it's not that everything is perfect or life is 100% stress free. it's not like when you've planted your ass firmly on a teak chaise lounge in the white caribbean sand and your sipping a peach margarita with your girlfriends before the concept of children ever dawned on you. no, i'm talking about mid-quagmire: mortgage. sick parent. fourteen sporting events. forgotten chromebook. another staples trip. birthday parties to plan. and you suddenly realize that despite it all, aside from the chaos and constant motion, you are in the sweet spot. yeah, that was my week. 

i think i logged more ass time last week in my suburban than i did all summer. with four kids moving in nineteen directions, new carpools, blah blah blah, most days i just stayed in the car and threw out bags of goldfish and turned up cold play on the radio. but the little moments dawned on me, i saw them in real time: my son getting his braces removed and smiling for me outside the office. my youngest in her very first travel soccer uniform so proud that she is finally like the big kids. my oldest running from her field hockey game to cater a cocktail party for me looking far too old for her 15 years. i am in the sweet spot people. i get it. i know what you were all talking about. i've arrived. 

no more naps. no more diapers. no more whining from the back of the car that so-and-so hit me or i need to pee. they are all old enough to pee before they get in the damn car. and grab a bag of goldfish and a sweatshirt while they are at it in case it's cold after practice and mom's late to pick up (which she is. always). even the poor kid i forgot at carpool, her mom was like,' whatever, i get it. sh*t happens.' even i have finally learned to only carpool with people like me, people who can only get it right as much as we can get it right.

life is good. life is sweet. life sure a sh*t ain't boring but hey, what did i think having all those kids and a cafe? but a girl can be grateful for slowing down just enough, to be present enough to notice: you are in the sweet spot. here's another sweet week ahead.