you blow my mind. seriously. mind: blown

omg i can't believe you people. TWO RECORD BREAKING DAYS  OF SALES IN ONE WEEK. you blow my mind. seriously. mind: blown.

in just five days (yup, wasn't in really a full week), you managed to crush a record that stood for eleven months, set up a new one, and crush that mother f*cker again. what has gotten into you people??? damn.

i'm telling you this piping hot dinner schtick has caught on like WILDFIRE. i should have known it. no one likes reheating food even when it's fresh and tasty. what took me so long you ask?? i will tell you.

 as you may have gleaned from the past half decade of blogs, i fancy myself a laid back (uptight), loosey-goosey (uber-wound), chill (control freak)-type of perfectionist. i'm so relaxed sometimes people can't believe it (they can, i'm lying). i don't like to start something unless i know i'm going to win the equivalent of the national championship of it. what can i say, i'm a competitive motha. 

 so when we opened the doors at catchy, we didn't want to take on a new cafe, a bustling catering business, manage our corporate element and then start hot dinners only to fall flat on our faces. okay, i didn't want to fall flat on my face. i'm not sure why i said we there:(. i have an ego and i prefer it intact. but the more you asked (and ask you hard working, exhausted, super hungry folks did), the more we started to see that this could be something big. and you have made it so.

so check out the menu we have for you this week. these meals are, i can't even. i must share that the citrus spring chicken (i named it, she invented it) was eaten by yours truly about eight years ago at kevin's thyme when catchy. was merely a pipe dream far off my radar. it was one of my favorite, FAVORITE meals EVER. when my chef laura and i were brainstorming piping hot dinners on saturday she mentioned it and i nearly wept with glee. 

"you remember it??" yes.

"you created it??" yes.

"i love you!" you're creepy. stop.

so we are offering it with chicken or shrimp, along with our ridiculously delicious mediterranean roasted shrimp over lemony orzo. the options just don't stop knocking your socks off.