ahhhh, it was a that kind of weekend if you know what i mean.

ahhhh, it was a that kind of weekend if you know what i mean. i love me some titos, cranberry and a shot of seltzer on a good day, but throw me into the middle of a graduation month and we are talking adoration at the highest level.

i know at this point in my blogging career you know me well enough to know how very much alcohol means to me. but this week especially, it came in some kinda handy in bringing my zen right into focus. there is a lot of sh*t i can do in terms of planning some major mother f*cker events but this week, well, this week TOOK THE CAKE. alongside almost a dozen confirmed events for the weekend we managed to take on a last minute graduation party for nearly a hundred that had my brain reeling by 7pm every night. if not for my very very good friend tito, i'm not sure any amount of headspacing meditation would have been able to get my grey matter to wind down at night. tito, oh tito, how i love you so in june. 

but june is nearing an end and with it, on june 30th, my dear manager maureen will be returning to the east coast (or so she promised). and i, for one, am greatly looking forward to her return. after all my organizing, staffing & ordering, i spent the weekend from 5:30am on saturday morning through 6pm sunday at two of my girl's lacrosse tournaments with my entire family and i couldn't have enjoyed a weekend more if i was sitting in bora bora on a chaise lounge. no phones. no computers. no invoices to check over. just sitting on a blanket on the sidelines cheering on my girls in new egypt, new jersey with the rest of my crew made smile with joy. my balance is returning and with it, a sense of peace i have been missing since maureen left in april. this weekend reminded me of why i could never be all work and no play. didn't work for jack and (my husband will attest), it hasn't worked well for me. ah sweet jesus june 30th you can't come soon enough.

in the meantime we have got another week of RIDICULOUS food. last week you ordered more from our website than any week. um, EVER. monday night broke our hot dinner record by a landslide. ba bam tequila lime chicken i thank you.