birth control people. birth control.

i don't know how my mother did it. or my grandmother. i only have four kids and i can barely manage their schedules on the first real spring weekend and between the two of them, they had 15. seriously. birth control people. birth control.

i get it. things were simpler then. we spent eight hours each day on weekends riding our bikes, making ramps, building forts in the woods behind our house, but still, that's a lot of kids. i can barely remember who eats pb&j and who refuses to touch a sandwich with a speck of yellow mustard on it after a weekend like the one i've had. and my husband is hands on. i'm pretty sure my father and grandfather spent the better part of their saturdays & sundays swinging a long, thin club at a tiny white ball and chasing it with a clear drink adorned with a lemon. seriously. i do not lie. our mom's were like army wives...but with golf. 

i am beginning to adore sunday nights. the week ahead. kids in school for EIGHT hours which means my ass is firmly NOT planted in a large SUV car of some sort,  a bleacher or worse, standing on a field with a lacrosse stick in hand and an angry look on my face a la early this morning at highlands among 38 six & seven year olds for 75 lonnnnnggg minutes. kids belong in school and i belong at my shop cooking you up some ridiculously stupidly tasty food. 

last week you broke records at catchy. friday was our biggest grossing day in eleven months...ELEVEN. do you believe it? i couldn't. i just kept obsessively checking my register app. deliveries of our PIPING HOT DINNERS (umm, 20 in one day),  our crisp, massively over-sized salads (err, 45, 45 people!!), you name it, and we sold more of it friday than we have in almost a year. we love to know that catchy. is growing because people like you are happy with the services we provide.

so take a gander below at the ridiculously tasty selections we have for you this week. and remember, order directly from our website three times in one week and you get an order of panko crusted chicken fingers & fries on us. yum.

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