i think the caged bird schtick is wearing on me.

you ever have one those nights where you think: if i spend one more second with my kids either me or my husband could potentially be brought up on charges for something?? yeah. i get that. that was our sunday night.

i think the caged bird schtick is wearing on me. this friggin' sling that has me velcroed six ways to sunday, the dull, throbbing pain in my shoulder that makes me about as fun to be around as a protocologist, good god i used to think i was fun and entertaining to be around. no longer. spending an hour in physical therapy, two hours locked into an ice cuff and the rest of the day tiptoeing around my usual routine has made me GRADE A BORING. my poor husband. it's been 9 days and he's climbing the walls. thank god for march madness. 

by tonight, the kids were just bouncing off us. and we off them. trying to get them ready for the 6pm mass was akin to trying to peel the backing off a bandaid without the use of one hand: frustrating, mind numbing and just plain sad. "it's freakin' lent for god's sake, get in the god damn car for church before i throw you in!!" must have been hollered no less than a dozen times. and then jt and i decided on another tact. f*ck 'em, we decided, how about we leave them home and go have a peaceful hour to ourselves. heaven. 

it was a like a joke. the moment we told them we had had enough of trying to convince them to go to church and were leaving them home we had two in tears and one with a raging case of 14-itis. you're kidding right? we couldn't pay you to get your act together and now this. hilariously as jt and i would recount in the car, my son billy just sat there with a cheshire cat grin on his face, happy as a clam that he wasn't going. classic.

so needless to say, can't wait for the new week to begin. to make it even better we have brought back last week's mac & cheese because when you sell 42 of them, that tells me we need to bring them back and fast. we have decided to offer them as they were as well as with a generous serving of bacon added in. why not, right? throw in the meatloaf as well as our ridic chicken pot pies as a third option and we plan to be breaking records all over the frickin' place. call tomorrow to make your monday night as heavenly as our sunday was:)...nothing like a little time to yourselves. 

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