everything's just so much better with a little rum & sunshine...

vacation is such a beautiful thing. sunshine. blue waters. sun kissed kids (who then whine a little sooo...). mount gays & pineapple juice (to lessen the pain inflicted by the whining). little late afternoon golf. repeat.

i have said no less than a dozen times this week to anyone who would listen, why are we not living in florida and doing this every day? i understand the logistics. just built our dream house in hohokus & would have to sell? negative. have four kids enrolled in hohokus school? kind of a downside. flip flops and shorts every single day of the week and an ocean temp of 78 degrees?? totally worth the moving costs. 

everything's just so much better with a little rum and sunshine (except when you clip your toe on a chaise lounge like georgia here on the left...but frankie's reaction and my rum-induced buzz made it all photo-worthy. nothing like a mom who laughs are her kids pain & snaps a picture of it, sorry g). 

back to the rum: i think catchy. needs to find itself a liquor license and we can try and bring a little of this nirvana up north to the jerz. wouldn't that be something?? a baja chicken salad out on the patio with a pina colada & rum floater?? a turkey & brie sandy with a titos cosmo around noon - it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right? nothing would make 3 o'clock pick up better (well, except uber maybe so we wouldn't endanger our kids, but c'mon, go with me a little bit on this one, i'm on vacation). i'm just sayin' this vacation has been just the little mental break this crazy lady needed to slow her roll and gear up for a spring full of first communions, graduations & more. seeing my mom with my kids just filled up my bucket. 

so while it may be president's day, and i may be down in sunny palm beach, catchy. is OPEN. and my hard working gang are in the shop ready to deliver you anything you can think up to order. hot dinners. fresh salads. soul-warming soups & everything you need to feed your family this week if you didn't get to steal away to a far-flung island and want to enjoy a little stay-cation in the bergen county area. just call the shop 201.445.6400 and bring yourself a little food love.