this snow is making me feel like i'm in an insane asylum...

this snow is making me feel like i'm in an insane asylum. is that politically correct? i'm not sure. but then again, i can't imagine 98% of what trump's been saying is politically correct so i'm going to go with it. 


instead of the all white, padded walls, i'm hurdling snow banks of piled up, slippery gray ice when i walk my dog and its making me more than just a bit crazy and claustrophobic. or maybe it's this sling and the news i got on friday that my shoulder is going to take six full months to get back to normal vs. the three i was convincing myself of. oh my god, spring, summer and freedom: you can't come soon enough. 


but i'm told god doesn't give us what we can't handle so i guess he thinks being cooped up all weekend inside with my cagey kids is good for my state of mind. because looking at the forecast it doesn't look like these snow banks will be melting any time in the near future to get us out onto those lacrosse fields and baseball diamonds. #majorsuck.


kids are meant to run , to be free, to get out of their parent's freakin' hair and play outside on march weekends. and with temps in the low 20's, that just isn't making that whole expectation a reality for me. i keep sending them out, and they somehow manage to sneak back in a different door, gather up 38 pounds of sh*t from around my house and make forts in all the nooks and crannies that i never seem to get ahead of cleaning up. lord just send me so spring-like temps and get a lacrosse stick into their hands!! 


so i'm just going to act as if over here at catchy. and cook up some delicious good like none of this slushy snow is upon us, like these slippery sidewalks i just took my dog for a walk on are going to be a thing of the past soon. lincoln told us that all we could choose is our attitude (lincoln? or was that roosevelt? i don't know, who freakin' cares). so i'm choosing happy. i'm betting that once you see are slammin' PIPING HOT DINNERS & fresh salads & soups like the cape cod wheatberry & our blackened chicken with a cup of butternut squash,  you will choose a smile too.


call the shop. order up some tasty treats for your family this week and let us deliver them to your doorstep. 

201.445.6400 #makeyourweekdivine