superbowl 51 - wahoo!!

there is so much you need to know this week it's like
IMPOSSIBLE to know what to hit on first. but since i'm watching the world's SH*TTIEST football games for like, the sixth hour in a row, let's go with that.

SUPERBOWL 51 - wahoo!
are the giants in it? no they are not. 
am i bitter? yes i am. 
will i still cook the BEJESUS out of our unbelievable apps and main courses? yes. yes, i absolutely will. 

the following ridiculously cheesy, bubbly, drippy delicious appetizers are literally what catchy. was built on. if there is a holiday/special event you want to use catchy. for, the superbowl is it. our crispy, crunchy buffalo chicken nuggets & wings, our cheesy chili skillet mac, as well as our drippy, saucy pulled pork sliders & deep fried macaroni & cheese bites have revolutionized the way you folks celebrate this holiday. why would 2017 be any different? judging by the number of parties we have already booked, it won't. scroll down to the bottom of the blog to check out the Super Bowl offerings and call the shop now because like thanksgiving & christmas, we will be closing out orders sooner than you think. 

now on to the next most exciting time of the week: the menu for our NEW HOT DINNERS (they still get me so excited...because judging from your feedback, they get you so excited it just hard not to catch the hot dinner fever!)
(our other 5 dinners available every day, every week) 
* rigatoni bolognese
(with crusty bread)   
*cheesy, ricotta-filled raviolis in sunday gravy
(with crusty bread)  
* spaghetti marinara with veal & ricotta meatballs
(with crusty bread)
* shrimp scampi over linguine
(with crusty bread)

and last but certainly not least, the k*ck*ss, mouthwatering menu for this week at the cafe. while your order your hot dinners for the week be sure to order up our crisp, fresh salads & piping hot soups to compliment your dinners with a tasty lunch the next day!
rainbow power wheatberry salad: wheatberries. crunchy red grapes. blueberries. crumbled feta. crushed almonds. shredded kale. honey fig vinaigrette. 
healthy chicken chop: romaine. grilled chicken. roasted beets. edamame. celery. haricot vert. cherry tomatoes. provolone. lightened up balsamic vinaigrette. 
hot soups:
* parsnip cauliflower (again...bc it's just SOOO
stupid good)
* roasted eggplant & red pepper puree
salads in the case:
* oktoberfest salad
* baja chicken salad
* rainbow power wheatberry salad
* "super" quinoa
* healthy chicken chop
dinners in the takeout case (cold, but freshly-made monday morning)
* thai sticky shrimp over jasmine rice & steamed broccoli
* drunken marinated flank steak over mashed potatoes & haricot vert
other tasties in the case:
* italian wedding soup
* momma's chicken noodle soup
* assorted salads
* panko crusted chicken fingers
* buffalo panko crusted chicken fingers
delicious desserts
(on any given day these change):
* amaretto pudding cake
* dark chocolate pudding cake
* crunchified chocolate chip heath bar potato chip cookies
* white chocolate pretzel bark
* greek sugar cookies
* mini berry cakes
* homemade crumb cakes
* apple cinnamon muffins

*chicken wings
buffalo wings, moose wings, devils wings or
sweet & spicy thai wings
$25/2 dozen
* mini bleu cheese/mini cheddar burgers with bacon, dijon aioli & sour pickle chip
$78/2 dozen
* deep fried macaroni & cheese bites with lemon Dijon aioli
$60/2 dozen
* mini buffalo chicken nuggets with ranch dipping sauce or
regular chicken nuggets with homemade honey mustard
$48/2 dozen
* spring roll sampler platter
meatball parmesan spring rolls with sunday gravy, 
southwestern spring rolls with tomatillo salsa &
pulled pork spring rolls with smoky bbq sauce: 
$78/2 dozen
* vegetable, beef or chicken empanadas
 with cilantro cream dipping sauce
$60/2 dozen
* catchy. poppers
pepperoni, sausage, caramelized onions & fontina or
 wild mushroom
$72/2 dozen
* candy bacon: simply our best appetizer...ever
$48/2 dozen
 * pigs in a blanket with spicy mustard
$48/2 dozen
* spicy crab cakes with red chili aioli
$66/2 dozen
* roasted shrimp cocktail with spicy horseradish sauce,
 coconut shrimp with tamarind ginger sauce or
chilled shrimp cocktail
$78/2 dozen
*spinach dip in bread bowl:
*roasted corn guacamole with tortilla chips
 $2.50 per person
    *buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips
 $2.75 per person
* vegetable crudite & our signature "favorite dip" 
$45/small, $65/medium & $85/large
superbowl mains:
* smoky, saucy drippy pulled pork & coleslaw with slider rolls
 * cheesy chili skillet mac & tortilla chips, a cross between chili & macaroni & cheese
* catchy.'s signature veal & ricotta meatballs with artisanal rolls & sauce
* crispy, panko crusted chicken fingers with honey mustard or
buffalo style with homemade ranch dipping sauce