it's almost too embarrassing to type this. 
but i will, because i'm human, and i do really stupid sh*t sometimes, and as i tell my kids, ya gotta own it when you screw something up. #i'mdumb

so word on the the street was on the VERY FIRST night of rolling out our HOT DINNERS, they were in high demand. 
 YAY!! HOW EXCITING!! GO catchy. GO!! 

 downside? unfortunately, because of a little typo on my last few blogs, the high volume of calls was directed to a poor little old man who owns a printing shop in franklin lakes because i put the wrong phone number on my blog cripes! are you freakin' kidding me?!? how stupid can a person be?  catchy.'s phone number is
201.445.6400 you boob!!
(this was my internal dialogue for the past two hours)

my chef heard from a few of the customers who ended up just driving to the shop (wow, how convenient a service i provide when i make my busy customers DRIVE TO THE SHOP#%*!) that they called the number on the blog and a kind, old man kept answering but had no idea what kind of dinners everyone was asking about. ey! when i called him to apologize, he kindly informed me he had fielded a dozen and a half phone calls all day from people wanting to order hot dinners. hmmm. well, i guess we got the word out!
so just to confirm once more: 
2) tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays & fridays
3) we deliver (if you call the right number)
4) call 201.445.6400 to order!!
* parmesan crusted chicken cutlets over
penne a la vodka   
* baked shrimp scampi over a bed of linguine