i'm sorry for the friday morning blog. i know, i know, two blogs in one week is a bit much... 

we have been mulling. we have been brainstorming. we have been scheming and conspiring inside catchy.'s doors. AND IT IS SO EXCITING!!! can you tell we are a little over the top about this new development?

we built our reputation years ago on a little something called MOM'S NIGHT OFF! it was a gourmet dinner service and it took off like gangbusters offering mom's a few dinner options once a week. when we opened our doors last december, we transferred that idea to a takeaway case and for the first year in business, it was just swell. but it's getting a little, what's the word, hum drum. well, at least for me it is. three or four dinner options in a cold takeaway case was GREAT for some families who wanted the convenience of our great food and didn't mind heating it up in the microwave. but for others who want a piping hot dinner, we just couldn't accomodate them in our first year. UNTIL NOW.
what?? SHUT UP? no, you shut up. 

HOT HOT HOT DINNERS!!! you heard me right. HOT DINNERS. starting next tuesday we are rolling out MOM'S NIGHT OFF! once more and we will be offering not one, but TWO piping hot dinner specials you can order for pick up or delivery every tuesday, wednesday, thursday AND friday night!! you're kidding me you ask?? no. no i am not. 

along with all our regular salads, soups, chicken fingers and sandwich options that can be ordered off the menu, you now have the opportunity to order blazing hot, bubbly goodness from catchy.'s weekly dinner menu. annnnnddd, in addition to the two hot specials, also always available are:
1) cheesy, ricotta-filled raviolis in our sunday gravy
2) rigatoni bolognese
3) spaghetti and veal & ricotta meatballs

customer: "so what you are really telling me is there are FIVE hot dinner options?

me: "YES!!! YES THERE ARE!!"

so here's how it works: menu is sent out as usual monday morning. you can order by phone (201.445.6400) or email. you can order first thing in the morning. you can order at 6:55pm that night when you realize the game is going into overtime and you have nothing for dinner (have it delivered to your front door and pay by credit card). any time of day from 11am-7pm you can order either of the two specials oran order of any of the three pasta options always available. give your husband our number (201.445.6400) and have him call from the train and have it waiting for him when he gets to his car. we couldn't be making this any simpler for you.

you know our dinners are spectacular, but you know what makes them even better?? being sizzling hot & bubbling - and oh yeah - still delivered to your doorstep. and we have checked with the competition, our portions are better priced, fresher & dare we say it (yes we do), way more delicious (taste tested today and results are in!)!!

* parmesan crusted chicken cutlets over
penne a la vodka
* baked shrimp scampi over a bed of linguine

(available every day, every week) 
* rigatoni bolognese
*cheesy, ricotta-filled raviolis in sunday gravy
* spaghetti marinara with veal & ricotta meatballs

so get ready for catchy. to, once more, make life just a little bit easier for you all. if you are a salad gal but your husband & oldest always need something hot however you also have a picky toddler, then order up some chicken fingers, a few hot dinners & a baja chicken salad and make EVERYONE happy! just doing what we do best...feeding the masses one delicious, fresh meal at a time.

call 201.445.6400 for more details.