seven days and counting until the kickoff, it's time to order up your grub.

drippy pulled pork. cheesy, sausage-laden chili skillet mac. mini cheddar sliders, deep fried mac & cheese bites and candy bacon. oh. MY. we do it all. our super bowl menu is so mind-glowingly ridic i don't know how we didn't win the right to cater that big ole soiree down in houston. i mean seriously, our sh*t is THAT GOOD


so call our shop at 201.445.6400 or the catering line at 917.721.9217 and order up your tasty chow for your house, or some appies to bring over to your girlfriends. and feel free to claim it's yours. we don't care as long as your friends and family are enjoying our rocking chow. if you need a menu click and click on the super bowl tab. it's just that easy. BOOM.


now on to this week's hot dinners which, if you happen to be hosting the super bowl at your house this weekend, will save you time and calories as we now have a FABULOUSLY health-conscious version of our tuscan lemon chicken. take a gander and order up!!


"ZOODLES are the new NOODLES"


1) tuscan lemon chicken over citrus lemon pesto zucchini noodles with asparagus, cherry tomatoes & peas (also available over a bed of citrus pesto linguine) 


2) grandie's killer pot roast over mashed potatoes & glazed carrots 


of course, as usual, we are offering the following delicious meals available

every day, every week:


* rigatoni bolognese

*cheesy, ricotta-filled raviolis in sunday gravy

* spaghetti marinara with veal & ricotta meatballs

* shrimp scampi over bed of linguine


so now on the weekly specials because we are nothing if not generous with what's in the case baby!


hot soups:

* beef barley

* sante fe chicken & red bean


BEST salad specials:


sticky thai shrimp salad: romaine. napa cabbage. sticky thai shrimp (oh my god you don't know the love i have for this sticky, sweet sauce). snow peas. carrots. edamame. rice wine vinaigrette.



harvest chicken salad: romaine. grilled chicken. crumbled goat cheese. dried cranberries. honey glazed pecans. cranberry vinaigrette.


in the case:

harvest chicken salad. (above)

sticky thai shrimp salad. (above) 

baja chicken salad: romaine. grilled chicken. roasted corn. queso fresca. crispy tortilla strips. creamy guacamole. 

"super" quinoa: quinoa. quinoa. baby spinach. crumbled feta. chickpeas. avocado. citrus lime vinaigrette.


dinners in the case:

* grilled salmon over thai chili noodles with veggies

* thai beef & broccoli stir fry over vegetable fried rice


other tasties in the case:

* italian wedding soup

* momma's chicken noodle soup

* assorted salads

* panko crusted chicken fingers

* buffalo panko crusted chicken fingers