I have never seem more baked hame and asparagus in my entire life

what an easter. man oh man, you guys do not disappoint. 
i didn't think we could top the number of holiday parties we catered for christmas in december...until easter got here in march. we had 17 easter parties come in the last five days alone. hello easter bunny, who loves you?? 

i don't think i have ever seen more baked ham and asparagus in my entire life. i was so sick of hearing about it i decided i would make my family eat italian today (holy crap rigatoni bolognese NEVER disappoints).

but back to easter and our kick *ss customers (YOU). catchy. can't thank you enough. day in and day out, you manage to not just drive our business through the roof top, but you also have us smiling each day while we do it. you are so appreciative, so complimentary, so happy to be enjoying a break from your daily grind with a night off in the form of drunken marinated flank steak or a container of chicken fingers - that it just makes all the other crap in my day fall away. seriously, if it were this simple to end all the hostility around the world with good food and smiling service, we would happily deep fry up some chicken fingers & dredge them in our spicy sweet buffalo sauce for anyone we could. 

so thank you. for enjoying our food as much as we enjoy making it. when i came into my shop the other day in a particularly pissy mood there was a little cutie pie at my takeaway case with her nose up against it pointing to the fruit salad. she gave me a little fist bump when i crouched down next to her to say hi. its moments like those that make me grateful i took this shop on. all i need in my day is a little smile and a fist bump from a fruit loving little bunny. 

here's to many more successful days at catchy. check out what we can deliver to your doorstep tomorrow in the rain so you don't have to worry about dinner...