holy CHRIST my youngest has a pair of pipes on her, god bless the man she marries

wow, what a special week that was. 

three half days of school for the kids. add six conferences to those delightfully free afternoons. throw in an election that has caused upheaval and disturbance across well, the ENTIRE world. and then cap the week with another two whole days off. oh, and while you're at it, toss in nine parties to that balance and i'm starting to see why i may have just lost my potatoes on everyone that stepped into my path. why i'm currently upstairs in my room typing this, not speaking with my husband, after yanking the kids out of the tub after they decided to see who could scream louder (a contest I can tell you, wholeheartedly, I never want to bear witness to. holy CHRIST my youngest has a pair of pipes on her, god bless the man she marries). 

i am still looking for that month when there is none of this sh*t. the days off. the holidays. the cans of sauce, boxes of pasta & jars of peanut butter for the food drive. the get the kids a hair cut, buy billy boots for his three day ecological trip to Stokes on wednesday, a dress for cece's confirmation next month and while you're at it, volunteer to coach the goalies on your daughter's travel lacrosse team because c'mon, you played lacrosse goalie and no one else knows what to tell her...um, tell her to find a goalie coach that's paid. i'm feeling like if i throw one more thing on this pile someone may be playing the role of randle mcmurphy in the next adult theatre performance of one flew over th cuckoo's nest. losing. my. mimdddddd.

so i'm gonna dial it back. like wayyyyy the hell back. throw a little self-care in there. just put a little lunch date in my schedule. added a hair appointment to the schedule so i can manage this tiger stripe sh*t i got going on upstairs (dark brown is definitely NOT the new blond). and as of last friday, i now have my kitchen whipping up my ENTIRE thanksgiving meal for me at this point. why not, right? i mean, if i have to host it, set the table, stock the bar, bake my grandmother's pie, buy the kids thanksgiving outfits, the LEAST i can do is have someone whip up my stuffing, bake off my chocolate babka & rolls those little piggies into their blanket before they brine my turkey within an inch of his 22 pound life. DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED THIS MAKES ME!?!?

so if any of you out there are feeling the same, needing some modicum of relief for the impending holiday meals that are coming in the next eleven days (and then thirty one days after that), catchy. has got you covered. we just hired two new chefs, one with an extensive and varied background in southern cooking and the other who worked at savini's of allendale as well as local of ramsey before it closed and grew up making fresh pasta in sicily at his grandmother's knee. we are going to crush it this holiday season for you!! 

call us NOW for your catering. time is running out and we are here to help (well, they are. i'm not. i just scratch my ass and type up the orders). call 917.721.9217 now if you need appetizers, sides like mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon or our legendary chewy, delicious  loaves of pumpkin bread (i'm on my 26 loaf of bread in the oven as we speak). don't get left causing yourself a nervous break own like i almost did.