wow. we're killing it.

wow. we're killing it. 

i'm sorry. that was cocky and obnoxious. i apologize for that. i don't mean to come off like i have a giant ego because for those of you who know me, that is so not how i like to roll. but i'm watchin' OBJ (odell beckham jr. for those of you non-giant loving football fans) just walk right-the-hell across the field into the end zone like he was playin' with toddlers and not the division leader-dallas-cowboys and it's just hard not to channel his mojo. especially after a week that included no less than 11 events this week followed up by another 18 by this saturday. yup. that's OBJLand sisters, and i'm just gonna waggle my finger in the air for a minute to enjoy it. 

i shout it out because life is short and we need to savor the triumphs & successes because they can be ripped away at a moment's notice. this time last week our little family at catchy. was about as low as we could be. one of our very own family members at catchy. who we work closely with every week suffered a terrible accident and we were struggling with the reality that nothing in life is guaranteed. it's been scary and terrible and the entire town of hohokus has been rallying around her since it happened. we are grateful she has an incredible support system and a team of doctors and are praying for her recovery. to be with someone one day and hear her life change so completely in a freak accident makes me want to grab hold of whatever moments of joy i find. 

so i am posting a few little pictures of myhappy thoughts (who are basically the loves of my life) and hope you take this moment right now to remember yours. focus on the good. find your gratitude. and cherish it. because we all know today how quickly it can be ripped away in aninstant. 

oh, and if you still have catering needs for the holidays what the f*$% are you waiting for? kidding. what i meant to say was: we are closing it out soon. like now. we still have a few staff members available to assist you with your parties and my chefs haven't officially killed me for adding last minute orders. but if you come by the shop and don't see me, they may have had me get on the stick folks. we are t-minus two weeks and counting til fat old saint nick shoves his ass down your chimney and you will be hosting your in-laws: ugh. make something easy that day.

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