what a weekend. a girl could get used to this kind of weather.

what a weekend, a girl could get used to this kind of weather. 
there is just something about sunshine and warm weather that just makes a girl's heart sing. short sleeve shirts, no jackets. riding with the top down in my bug. playing lacrosse outside with my two littlest ones on the hay in my backyard...ahh, life is good. 

add to that sunshine, i am so freakin happy in my new house i am walking around with a perpetual sh*t eating grin. literally all day. smiling. i close the door and think, this could be the smoothest door knob i have ever turned. i lie in my bed and ponder whether i could have picked a better color for my bedroom (i couldn't. it's perfect). and when i brought home a gajillion groceries and proceeded to fill my new pantry, fridge and cupboards with every single staple i have ever wanted to cook with and then take them out 5 minutes later and actually cook with them it was all i could do not to cry. this house is like living in freakin' la-la-land. i may never leave it again. 

but if there is anything that can get me out of it, it's catchy. oh how i love that little shop. i love whipping up tasty new specials (um, can you imagine what a crispy, crunchy, filet of beef & fontina panini with caramelized onions will taste like tomorrow when you order it for lunch? i can. i will be eating it.). oh how i love filling my mini-shot glasses for you with our hot soups: 19 bean & chicken and rice, my chef is seriously gifted in the soup-making department. don't believe me? come in for a quart of apple rutabaga in the case tomorrow. it will change your life. 
so order up some delectable little goodies. let us deliver them STRAIGHT to your doorstep. at your home or office. let us cater your corporate lunch, your Easter dinner, your kids First Communion or Bat Mitzvah. there is literally nothing we can't make better with our tasty food, our outstanding servers & our customer service - it's our pride and joy.
so give us a buzz tomorrow at the shop (201.445.6400) and tell us what will make your day feel like mine did. sometimes you are just a down-home bbq salad away from feeling like you won the lottery.

black board special:
filet of beef tenderloin & fontina panini smothered in
caramelized onions & roasted garlic aioli

in the case: 
** "super" salad: quinoa, avocado, chickpeas, crumbled feta, baby spinach & citrus lime vinaigrette
** wheatberry cape cod: wheatberries, fuji apples, dried cranberries, toasted pecans, gorgonzola & maple
orange vinaigrette
** paleo apple chicken spinach salad: grilled chicken over baby spinach & romaine, fuji apples, walnuts & avocado in a herby lemon vinaigrette
** baja chicken salad: grilled chicken, roasted corn, queso fresca, cherry tomatoes, crispy tortillas & creamy guacamole in a citrus lime vinaigrette
HOT soups
** 19 bean soup (are there seriously 19 beans in there? yes, yes there are) 
** chicken & rice
other soups in the case:
** apple rutabaga
** momma's chicken noodle soup
** chicken & rice
** italian wedding soup with mini chicken meatballs  
    ** 19 bean
sides in the case:
** wild rice pilaf with dried cranberries
** rice noodles with edamame & veggies
** roasted brussels sprouts
** mashed potatoes
** balsamic chicken over grilled vegetables
** (we can't not...it sells out too fast!!)
chicken parm lasagna for two
** shepard's pie made with lamb
** blackened salmon over thai chili rice noodles
& edamame
** drunken marinated flank steak with
mashed potatoes
** pork tenderloin over rice pilaf with
dried cranberries

miscellaneous kick *ss kids & grown up food:
** veal & ricotta meatballs
** sunday sauce
** panko crusted chicken fingers with honey mustard
** buffalo chicken fingers with bleu cheese dip
** catchy. crumb cake
** dark chocolate pudding cake
** crunchified chocolate chip heath bar potato chip & pretzel cookies
** chocolate babka
** "crack" bark: white chocolate pretzel bark
** vanilla amaretto pudding cake
text your order to 917.721.9217 or call 201.445.6400 tomorrow between 11am-7pm and order up your lunch or dinner!