a little story about catchy....

so it's early morning and i can't sleep. i figure i may as well be productive so i'm up working out & watching one of my all time favorite movies, CHEF with jon faveau (the man's a genius, he wrote, produced and starred in it. ahh, to be so talented). for those of you who haven't seen it, watch it IMMEDIATELY on netflix. 
it dawned on me, while watching it for the 38th time, why i love it so much. here's a guy  who has had an epic fail. i mean EPIC. in public. and it's videoed and tweeted and retweeted everywhere documenting his disaster for the world to see. but he doesn't give up. he doesn't roll over and die. he certainly doesn't play the victim and whine about it. he regroups and with some serious humility and his hat in his hand, he finds a way to get back on the horse and continue doing what he is most passionate about. and fall in love all over again with is ex-wife sofia vergara (my favorite part of course). best part.
while watching him pump out dozens and dozens of cuban sandwiches from his food truck with his son & best friend, i realized why i am so in love with the movie. i have been where the main character has been. we probably all have in some way, shape or form, and rather than roll over and die (which is what most of us want to do at the time), we come up for kicking. we refocus, we take a deep breath, and then we get back in the game. 
catchy. is everything i have ever wanted. it's a bright, happy, energetic little place where people can come to get a break from the stress of their day, get a smile from the girl behind the counter and hear my peppy chef matt in the back yelling "order up!" once he has completed his task and made you a salad or sandwich that is gonna take you to nirvana for at least 8-10 minutes while you scarf it down. 
for me it's the place where, like in the movie CHEF, a smile comes to my face the instant i walk through the door. the colors, the smells, the people pulling lunch and dinner from the takeout case with their little ones twirled through their legs, the phone ringing off the hook: the chaos. i love it all. even when there is a problem i love it. it is what i have always, ALWAYS wanted to do and there is something that makes me feel so lucky that i had the faith to jump off the bridge and know that my parachute would open. that all you people, my closest friends and you total strangers who have now become friends, that come through those doors every day would keep the lights on and the heat on (well, sort of, this freakin heating system needs some serious help). 
so thank you for that. thank you for helping make catchy. a success in the first three months we have been open. i love it here and i hope you do to. keep coming. keep telling your friends and neighbors and anyone else you think could use a break from their life, a smile and a great meal. see you soon.
- erin