i saw stars. shazam that baby hurt.

so at present, i'm rockin' a fly little goose egg on my forehead with a nice little cut down the middle. nothing like a little bloodshed to make your evening shine. gotta love kids. sometimes i wish i had a baker's dozen.

so it was nearing 7pm at the shop, and my chef Dave brought over a dozen FRESH chicken piccata dinners, a few more lasagna bolognese's and a heap of parsnip cauliflower soups for me to load into the case for tomorrow. at the same time, my cute little bunny Frankie (who was helping me close up the shop) inquired about whether she could have some fruit salad. who could say no to a kid who asks for fruit salad over the glass jar of Sour Patch Kids?? after giving her the green light, she promptly whipped open the left door of the case...straight...into my head. 

 holy hannah i saw stars. shazam that baby hurt. but is there anything worse than when you witness a parent get injured by there child and they tee off on the poor kid? so i pulled up my big girl undies, brushed it off and told her mom's don't feel pain (they do), and we went on our merry way home.

growing up my mom was like wonder woman to me. she ran a household with five hungry, demanding, dirt-laden kids (three boys and two tomboy girls...lotta laundry) with one hand tied behind her back. was never, ever sick and hardly complained about my dad who she SO could have unloaded on many a time (the man was a boar for the first thirty years of their marriage, thankfully age has softened the fella but still, we never heard an unkind word). 

 it's a mom's job to pretend sh*t doesn't hurt. either physically or emotionally, they just don't unload that stuff on their kids (or at least the really good ones don't...i'm not sure i fall into that category) and they certainly don't make them feel ashamed for whacking them one in the forehead (or the nards like mine have done many a time to my husband). it's a rough, trying, thankless job most days and sometimes a glass of wine and a late night dinner when everyone has gone to sleep is all a hardworking mama (or papa) dreams of when the days seem endless.

enter: catchy. (this is how that makes me feel): 

you deserve a container of something spectacular. be it our skinny chicken & avocado caesar (yup. it's back) or our mind-altering parsnip cauliflower soup or a pot roast over mashed potatoes that i swear to the lord above will make your mouth water (mine is salivating just imagining it...it's my mom's recipe, badass). so zip off a reply and reserve your chow. let us know if you want to pop into the store or have us deliver to you at a particular time. anything we can do to make a mom's (or dad's) day a little easier is just literally EXACTLY what we are here for over at catchy. we started out as mom's night off! on thursdays and have graduated to giving you a break any day or night of the week. give us a whistle...call, text or email...you won't be sorry