for every shit, there are twelve good people.

so two things need to be said tonight and then i'll let you get back to your must see tv.

the first? for every shit, there are twelve good people. after leaving the town hall yesterday i walked out into the sunshine and stood for a moment trying to figure out my options. $519 for a water bill that wasn't mine. i could be angry and bitter, play the victim and just pay the damn bill i wasn't responsible for, or i could ask for what i need. 

i picked up the phone and dialed the previous owner's number wondering how poor my odds were of this working out in my favor. he picked up on the first ring. suffice is to say, there are classy people in this world who step up to the plate and own up to their responsibilities and their are shits. this man was not a shit. hours later i got a call confirming my water had not been turned off because the bill had been paid in full. i asked for my need and my need was met. for today, life is good.

and the second thing? in the four short weeks since announcing we are opening our storefront, we have systematically broken every single previous week's record in food sales. last week we sold 272 dinners, soups & salads - 36 more than the week before. we are closing in on that record already tonight.

you wanna be a part of something cool? order up. because beef brisket isn't something i can make more of tomorrow at 10:30 when orders start rolling in. that baby is going in the oven at 5:30am and when it's sold out, it's sold out. 

order now, we have loaves of pumpkin bread (freeze it for thanksgiving!), creamy tomato & orzo or italian wedding, autumn salad or kale & quinoa. too many choices to name so just keep reading and order now. every dollar bill is going right into that shiny new storefront