Okay, I don't mean to beat a dead horse...

Okay, I'm not one to beat a dead horse. Hang on, I'm sorry. I can't even say that with a straight face. That's COMPLETE HORSE SH*T. I am TOTALLY one to beat a dead horse. In fact, if you asked my husband or my kids and they will say there is no one else on this EARTH that needs to make her point in so many words and so many different fashions and with such tenacity. Okay, so we have that established, I tend to over-explain and drive the point home a wee too often. But in this instance, it really MATTERSSSSS.
You need a Night off. You DESERVE a Night off. And with only two weeks left where you can GET a night off, two weeks left when you will have a menu emailed to your phone and all you have to do is click REPLY and tell me what you want to eat Thursday, whether you want it delivered and if there is something you would like held, removed, or burned to a crisp, WHY WOULD YOU NOT MAKE YOUR LIFE SO EASY?? 
 Because I don't know about you but my f*cking life is like BANANAS complicated. I can't even figure out how in God's NAME I am going to get some classy outfits for my growing kiddos for a Bar Mitzvan this weekend..in RHODE ISLAND, that I'm traveling to while trying to cater someone's dinner party that night. I mean, if someone can rock out some Crispy Panko Crusted Chicken Fingers for my kids FRESHLY cut that morning, grill up a Flank Steak for my man while hitting me up with a Chinese Chopped for me when I finally get 45 seconds to sit down Thursday night - not only would I want to make out with that person (sorry, again, a little over the top, no surprise there), but I am sure as sh*t ordering it up because life in June feels like trying to run a marathon while learning to French Braid my kids hair. Way too much going on there.
So order up. Because I'm telling you, about mid-July you are going to wonder why you didn't take me up on this whole, 'making-my-life-easy' gig we got going on over here at MOM'S NIGHT OFF! 
Why not give yourself a break, huh??