"Yes, I know, I may have become somewhat of an over-poster lately…"

So, as anyone with Facebook or Instagram knows, my daughter Frankie celebrated her First Communion this weekend!!!! WAHOO!! Way to go Frankie!!! Morning started off with a kickin' blow out at Salon Eliya for my girl,   back to the house for a quick dress and photo shoot where I promptly began hollering at my kids to stop bugging the crap out of one another and smile for the G*D D*MN camera!@$@!! Had to zip those fantastic snaps right through the Internet for all my peeps to witness because that's just what we DO in 2015!! 
Yes, I know. I may have become somewhat of an over-poster lately on social media. Food pics, house pics,  or cute little kid pics shoving ice cream up each others noses - you name it, and I have been posting it lately. And I know that can be annoying, seeing the same name popping up on FB over and over again every three or four pictures (I haven't gotten that bad yet, have I??) but there is just something about spring that has me wanting to send out the vibe - tasty food! cute kids!! life is good people!! 
It has been a long winter, ya know?? And when I see pics of my friends kids' bouncing around the lacrosse field or hugging their priest after getting their first taste of that stale wafer when the last time I saw the kid he had no teeth at all let alone the five bucktooth ones he's sporting in his seersucker suit, it makes me a little weepy. Life is zipping by us all. Frankie is Numero Tres Kiddo out of Cuatro and pretty soon I know I will be sitting in that pew with Georgia next to me and it will be my last time listening to that song "Open My Eyes Lord" and losing my sh*t right there in the third row (at least my husband was sniffling along with me which made me feel a little less pathetic). 
So I'm gonna post a pic or two of my kids on these special occasions for the world to see. Not so I can pretend every thing is all roses all the time (again, read the passage on how I got these kids to smile with severe coersion and possibly even a few subliminal death threats), but because life is too short and my kids are pretty freakin' fantastic and if I can't be proud enough to show them off at their finest, when the heck can I??  
So enjoy these pics knowing they took a few pounds of flesh from my soul. And knowing now that that First Communion is over, we are just that much closer to Memorial Day Weekend which means sun, fun, and probably you guessed it, another 10 or 20 more pics of my kids next week...the unsubscribe button is below for those who need it!! 
Chow down this week - I made some tasty SH*T for you before you shove off for the weekend!