I would be TOTALLY on board with the country making some kind of declaration that we have another Mother's Day each year...

I would be TOTALLY on board with the country making some kind of declaration that we have another Mother's Day each year. What do you think??
Ya know, like maybe every six months?? Think it would be nice if they recognized that Mother's do about 79% of the work around the house (sorry guys, but c'mon, you so know it's true), making meals, folding laundry, wiping *ss - it just never ends. And that's cool, because actually it WILL end. When these kids hit 18 and they are off to college, we can do what I am doing at present, which is tuning in the 8 o'clock news, banging around on my computer with nary a little *ss in the house calling for me to come clean it up and guess who will still be punching his time card while I kick my feet up and enjoy the early retirement?? HA!! 
So the hubbie's got them all off planning some FABULOUS (read: hard eggs, potentially rubbery bacon, over-toasted bagels) breakfast while I pretend to be sleeping in here. And it was a had fought battle to get what I wanted today. Mainly because I never know what the hell it is I do want. Do I want watch the kids games or should we take a trip out to the beach for the day? Do I want to take a bike ride with every one or should I take advantage of the fact that I can sit on my *ss all day long and let him take care of everything?? It's a conundrum. Mother's Day we probably should want to hang with our husband and kids right?? But sometimes the idea of pure unadulterated SILENCE is just so alluring...
So I made these past few days a nice mix of both. Friday I  hit Ellis Island with Billy for a little history and Mom-Son   bonding time (love this kid, he is just so BLOODY easy) and then hit Eric Alt where I sat my butt in a chair and let Matthew work his magic on my oh-so-browning locks making them blond and pretty again (that man is a wizard with the color). See that nice yin and yang?? Little for me...little for you.
Didn't have to battle that HELL that is the Country Fair (my bestie brought my daughter for her inaugural donut dive - now that's what friends are for). Got a little lacrosse last night but also a frozen margarita with the fam afterwards. 
We need to soak this day (or weekend, however you need to enjoy it) up girls. It only comes around once a year (I'm working on the biannual but that may take some time), so sit on your cheeks, soak in a tub, order in food or make your husband take them right the hell out while you stay home. Whatever works. But come away revived because tomorrow, well that's Groundhog's Day sister and I don't want to hear any complaining about it.