houston, we have a storefront...

the dream has finally come true...

houston, we have a  storefront!

after ten years in the catering business, The Catch-y Caterer has ourselves a storefront in hohokus! this past thursday we were approved to take over the space formally known as Kevin's Thyme Cafe on 614 Maple Avenue. right in the heart of hohokus! wahoooo! party time!

if all goes according to plan (which we all know in my life never happens), we will be launching catchy. (name changer/game changer. all lower case. period at the end. short and sweet, we dig.) and attempting to open in early december. the newly named storefront will be a sit-down cafe with loads and loads of takeout (a la mom's night off! style...but just EVERY NIGHT) while simultaneously doing as much catering as physically possible by my rock-star, kick *ss new team of seven full time chefs. seven. can you dig it? i can, haven't been able to sleep for the past three weeks out of sheer exhilaration and excitement.  

while my builders get in there to tear up floors, install new lighting and slap some newly painted bead board all over the joint, we will be booking all the parties you can send our way (have to afford this place somehow, right?). we will use the next six or seven week to gear up for what will be the sickest, my most mind-blowing lunch menu you can possibly imagine (can we say sandwiches like our veal & ricotta meatballs with homemade ricotta & sunday sauce? the baja chicken salad with roasted corn WHENEVER YOU WANT TO ORDER IT? or our buffalo chicken finger wrap with homemade blue cheese dressing and grated carrots...I mean REALLY? get in early people, because we will only have six tables).

what's the plan for catchy.?? our plan is to have lunch for the ladies (and your hubbies on your days off) from 11:30-3pm and at 3pm, watch out! we will be open for your kids to buzz on over after school on their bikes, drop some baskets of chicken fingers and (as long as they behave themselves) give the a place to unwind and chill out. mom's gotta come pick them up by closing time at 5pm and while you're there, grab your takeout quarts of soup, fresh salads & dinners - we will have CURBSIDE PICK UP all day. will be needing your cell phone numbers & credit cards on file to make your lives EASY. 'cause really, that's what catchy. is all about. making your lives as simple and seamless as possible.

so keep it in mind and in the meantime, check out this week's menu. it's sick. it's killer. and if last week was any indication (our biggest selling week EVERRRR), it won't be around long.