my kids are so disappointed in me...

so halloween is coming this way on saturday and if you are anything like me, you have left everything, and i mean, everything to the last minute. costumes for the kiddos? um, noooo. candy for the witch bucket we ply with full size kit kats? that's a hard negative. decorations? jack'o lanterns? ghosting? nix, nay & nient. i am just a bag of funlessness crap this year. 

my kids are so disappointed in me. not only do i bark no at them every time they ask if we can go buy some Drac fangs at five below to ghost their buddies (because er, we have completely run out of money building this house), but add that to the fact that i'm so tuckered out trying to get this new storefront up and running, that i have just fallen of the face of the map in planning our typical halloween ghoulishness. no money plus no time equals absolutely no fun at ALL. something needs to change.

i like to tell myself that i'm a good mom. that i have been such an all-in, hands-on, attentive momma all their lives that it's okay if i'm a bucket of sh*t for a few months. i've been in the trenches. i breastfed. i walked the hallways at 3am when they were babes. i have wiped more ass & boogers than two or three moms put together (my kids are irrationally bad and cleaning their noses and butt cheeks). so i'm going with the "good enough" principle temporarily while i the whole new work-life situation balanced. 

maybe i'm just making myself feel better (who wouldn't? did you know i had my 13 year old buy my 5 year old's halloween costumes and evidently my kindergartner will be wearing a trench coat, sunglasses and stick-on mustache as a secret agent...what 5 year old doesn't want to be elsa or anna? a secret-friggin' agent? weirdo). but this whole "good enough" theory is a big one. i can't pick up my kids every single day of their lives. i can't make it to every soccer, field hockey & football game. i don't feed my kids organic everything (anything, oops! shut up, i give them organic milk), but what's wrong with a little help from friends? carpools. luna bars. a sleepover every once in a while so i can sleep in for a morning. nothing wrong with that.
so don't bake your own pumpkin bread. don't simmer your own soup or sunday gravy or meatballs. don't make your own chili for all those halloween folks you think will be popping by this saturday night. just order *ssloads of food this thursday from us so you spend your thursday night racing to party city for the last minute face paint you (i) forgot to get for billy's special ops costume. and thank you mrs. o'grady for dropping off the little native american girl's costume for frankie and making my life a living JOY for a night. this week is on me. order up some soup so i can save you a day at the stove!