these are what we call NIRVANA.

we are just seven days away from SUPERBOWL LIII. this could be my absolute favorite eating holiday of the year, i live for bar food.

get. it. on.

see these? did i make the image big enough? these are what we call NIRVANA.

buffalo chicken fingers. freshly cut white meat chicken (antibiotic free of course). freshly breaded with crispy, crunchy panko breadcrumbs (as in like every. single. day. no, they're not frozen. ever). then we wait to sauce them at the VERY. LAST. MINUTE. do you know why? because i like crispy, panko crusted buffalo chicken finger PERFECTION and that only happens when we don't jump the shark. patience. you only sauce after you've heated and the game has begun. yes. this is a science. and i've made it mine.

so that is our first shout out this week about our SUPER BOWL delectables. oh, there will be more. a little meatball parm spring rolls here, then we'll throw a little love at the roasted corn guac. whatever the super bowl food, catchy. does it better than anyone else.

now i am back to my bed to convalesce. between puking kids home hugging my avocado and some sinus surgery hell two days ago, this week has not been my finest. by the time this super bowl rolls around i should be ready to knock back about four quarts of guacamole and enough buffalo chicken goodness to add two sizes to my pants. i'm fired up!