that super bowl was a LOT.

aghhhhh, that super bowl was a LOT.

a LOT of chili. a LOT of roasted corn guacamole & chips. and a LOT of those double chocolate brownies i vowed i would not touch because there is some chip missing in my brain that doesn't' tell me i have hit satiety and i just KEEP. EATING. THEM. UNTIL. well, until i want to hurl.

but that's cool, because it's a lot, but it's just one day a year. one day a year of consuming 6284 calories isn't going to kill me. one day a year where i get to eat whatever the hell i want because of a football game where a 41 year old can best all his younger competitors & win his sixth national championship, where tattooed rock stars can shed their ugly shirts and gyrate on stage, and where my kids get to hang with their cousins until which only leads to the crankiest morning on record today (hence the delay in my blog). but what's a little fudgey happiness? just a blip on the radar.

and now we are back to reality. and catchy. has got options for you. we've got incredible salads like "the ridiculous" where we scoop quinoa and roasted brussels sprouts, spiced pecans and roasted butternut squash onto a heap of arugula and maybe even toss a grilled piece of salmon on top to really make it sing. or we have our sticky beef & broccoli over jasmine rice & steamed broccoli for a more satisfying dinner experience that is still light and delicious. or you can just say f*ck it, and dive into a mound of the sauciest, savoriest pulled pork you have EVER. PUT. IN. YOUR. MOUTH. on a mound of triple cheesy macaroni & cheese & a side of steamed broccoli (because i love to pretend that will undo the effects of the creamy noodley, pork extravaganza).

so GET ON IT. order up. send your favorite neighbor who just had a baby a dinner. or just call in for yourself. fill up your own cup with all of this tasty goodness. catchy. has got you covered.