well, it's another cloudy, rain-in-the-forecast kinda of day and i'm telling you, i have had it with these weather gods. saturday and sunday were glorious. literally game changers to my mood, and then along comes a day or two of these gloomy clouds and it's like everyone goes under cover. well I'M. NOT. HAVING. IT. i ain't letting this weather ruin my day!

we have a special day at the cafe today. we are supporting a PHENOMENAL cause: the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. Today when you shop at catchy., 15% of all proceeds go back to the AFSP for any food purchased in the cafe, by phone or ordered from our website (www.thecatchycaterer.com) when you mentioned AFSP (not when you use UberEats, DoorDash or GrubHub as they already take a large percentage from us and so can't be combined with this offer.

suicide is on the rise. there isn't enough talk about it. my dear friend kelly anderson who is leading the charge to get the word out in hohokus today with this fundraiser asked catchy. to help and we were thrilled to partner with her. there are too many stigmas around suicide. not enough talk about depression and anxiety and in bergen county especially, we have experienced the pain of it first hand. please come join the fight by ordering lunch or dinner at catchy. and mentioning the AFSP to get the 15% directed back to helping spread the word. the menu is below and we promise it will be worth it!!