guess what time of the year it is??

guess what time of the year it is??

yes indeed. the holiday season is upon us!! i know, i know. it's only october 10th, you say. well, guess what peeps? that leaves five weeks until thanksgiving and just ten until christmas & hanukkah....WAIT WHAT?!?! how is that possible?

it just is. calendars are crazy like that. so call the shop, book your staff, pick your menu (we've got some RIDICULOUS new options) and cross this one off your list. because come mid-november, i know just what's going to happen. the calls will start flooding in and people are going to get their knickers ALL in a twist because staff has run out and now they have to have their neighbors kid who is glued to his cell phone and doesn't smile when he says "would you like some lobster salad on endive" serving their party??

seriously folks, we can help you avoid that. i have dozens and DOZENS of amazing servers, bartenders, chefs and coat check kids. but i need to reserve them or they go to another party.

make your life easy. i get it, you like to cook. no one loves baking more than me. and you can decorate your house like martha flippin' stewart with pinecones and cranberries and you even dry your own rosemary for your wreaths. i know, that's awesome. but in no one's judging you for calling in the big dogs to give you a hand during this, the happiest season of all. it's not the happiest season of all. it's the HOLIDAY season and that means too much sh*t to do and not enough time in the day to do it. route 17 is a nightmare, supermarkets are a nightmare, and generally speaking everyone mood is in the tank besides your kids who are anticipating that fly new iPhone, the newest lego contraption or the hottest pair of Uggs out this year.

so do yourself a favor and call this one in. our catering line is 917.721.9217 or just pop by the shop and natalie, erin or erica will take care of planning your event with you. for great visuals, take a peak on our website:

and don't delay another week. unless you want to get your bake on.