do you know how excited i am? I AM FREAKIN' OUT!!!!

changes, they areeeee a comin'...

do you know how excited i am? I AM FREAKIN' OUT!!!!

we have some absolutely FABULOUS stuff in store for you and i am like, beside myself with excitement about it. 

have you taken a look at catchy. lately?? no? well peer on over the next time you drive by. our outdoor patio tent was just taken down on thursday and it is making room for brand new outdoor tables and umbrellas outside. a bright cheery new look to match our bright NEW MENU that we will be launching the day after Labor Day!!! no sh*t!! i'm serious! it's just SO freakin' exciting!

we will have new salads (think country field salad, farmer's market salad, sticky this chicken), a whole section of our menu dedicated to bowls (oldies like the "super" quinoa bowl & new ones like our faro/wheatberry/quinoa bowl with loads of tasty add-ins). we will have new sandwiches, wraps & even a flatbread!! we will have "mini" salad options (the mini skinny, the mini baja) and even a create-your-own salad option from a dozen different items - SHUT UP, NO YOU SHUT UP!! 

can you believe it? because i literally cannot. my mind is racing, blown. i can't sleep. well, not just because mind is racing but because it also takes an *ssload of work to deal with so many logistics of all these changes while you are still catering a half dozen parties every week. but my team of aces is behind me in helping us get everything locked and loaded so when you drop those kids off to school the day after labor day, you have a "new" spot to meet up with your girls (and a bottle of wine) & something just a little different than you always order when you pop into catchy. YES!! 

and while we were making all those changes, we decided to add a dozen or so new apps to our catering menu. and with summer winding down, it seems like JUST the right time to plan that end of summer cocktail party in your backyard before the gorgeous summer weather runs out. so call the shop now and book your event! you can even request one of our new menu items for your event!