oh my vacation, how i did so enjoy thee.

oh my vacation, how i did so enjoy thee. 

i'm telling you, this whole two weeks closed thing has got to be the best gig EVER. i don't know about you folks, but by the time summer had rolled around and my staff had made it through dozens of first communions & graduations, a handful teachers luncheons and an early summer wedding or two, we were all just about ready to run screaming from the country if we could. which we couldn't. because we  have kids. and that would have been sort of douchey. 

so the next best thing we figured out is that closing the shop and recharging our collective batteries so we are ready to give it a whirl once more come august 14th, is the WAY. TO. GO. and so we did. and it was. man, were these 17 days the frickin' bomb.com. you can see from the assorted pics all around, that i made F.U.N. a major priority. 

carnivals and food treks. beach vacations and summer bbqs. we even threw in a 50th birthday celebration in the hamptons (that we catered, it was my brother's, couldn't turn that special guy down) that was one for the ages. toss in a 17th anniversary for me & my honey at marc forgione (yes, all my foodies, it was super-swankadelic) and there wasn't a box i didn't check.

but now we are back and MANNNN, do we have some killer sh*t in store for you all. the next two weeks we will be requesting YOUR INPUT. the menu: SHE IS A CHANGIN'!!! we are adding new items, maybe taking a few away, bringing in "mini" versions of salads & kids items (envision this: the "mini" skinny chicken caesar...yes, when you order it you will be able to just say gimme the mini skinny, i know, i know, i feel cool saying it too). it's all just SO DAMN EXCITING!! the new menu will roll out post labor day just to give you all something to freak out about!! and we want your input on salads, sandwiches, kids items (yes, macaroni & cheese is coming to a catchy. near you, word) so get ready to drop your suggestions in the suggestion box that i will be putting  out this week at the cafe. 

but while my chefs and i kibbutz on this all this week, you can feast on all the tasty regular size items below this week. pop by the shop. order online for delivery. i don't care how it happens, just get yourself back to freshness with our always delicious and locally sourced soups, salads and sandwiches. hot dinners are back and just in time with fall sports beginning tomorrow (hello football and field hockey, welcome to my world - not welcome:/).