I'm such a sh*tty mom. Upside?? I'm not a sh*tty chef.




That means (for all you non-techonoligical folk, of which I count myself one) click on this link towww.thecatchycaterer.com right now and you can seeEVERYTHING THE CATCH-Y CATERER can do for you from menus for this week's MOM'S NIGHT OFF!, to all the events we can cater for you (from First Communions to Graduations to Bar Mitzvahs & Weddings: staff, food, rentals, can you say partayyyyyy?) to corporate holiday and summer events. DIG THAT BABY!! Book your event like right stink in' NOW!!!

 So it's been a WEEK. Getting everything up and ripping for the new site, kicking out a few parties for Easter & MOM'S NIGHT OFF! as well as the general crazy sh*t *ss life of a working mom (dying Easter Eggs, new spring sports carpools, picking out shower fixtures for the new house)...good times. So after cooking Easter dinner for everyone else, we decided in the Cacciabaudo household we would hit the club and let them cook for us. BOOM! Order up! 

Well, of course I forget to make a reservation for brunch until like, I don't know, Thursday, so we end up Brunch-ing at 4:30pm (not exactly prime French Toast & Bacon time, ey?).  I loved when JT asked me how that happened...uh, hmm, because you're wife can organize everyone else's gastronomical needs but our own? Yup. Pretty much. 

But the capper was when we showed up to the club with JT, Billy & his Dad all sans-ties (wtf? since when is Easter a TIE-necessary event??) and were turned away. As in, 'let me see what ties I have in the back for you and your entire male crew and maybe we can seat you in the back room. Oh, and your son doesn't have a jacket? And is wearing ghetto sneakers? Yeah, just go home). So embarrassing. I loved when I actually turned to Billy and said, "those are the only shoes you have to wear to the club Billy?" Like he had been out LOAFER SHOPPING?

I'm such a sh*tty mom. Upside?? I'm not a sh*tty chef. So check out the ROCKIN' menu this week and while you do that I will I will be hitting the mall with Billy to procure some new kicks for his sister's First Communion coming up. Would hate to be seated in the kitchen the next time we show up for "brunch." 

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