You know when you were little and got a brand new toy or piece of sports equipment


(okay,YES, we all know I was a ridiculous Tomboy and only played sports and wore boys' haircuts, don't be a hater) and you just couldn't stop playing with it, petting it and glazing lovingly at it?? Happened again when I had my firstborn and I was so in love that I would creep into her room just to stare at her after she was sleeping (not the other three, once the novelty wore off, I knew that if I woke them up it would just be a sh*tshow). 


Well THAT'S what I've been doing ALL week with my new website DIG IT!! It's INSANE!! New food pics, cool buttons to click, all my kids right there on the screen on every page (love! yes - love all four of them, not just the first one though after reading the last paragraph you may have assumed)  AND you can order everything from MOM'S NIGHT OFF! all at the touch of your fingertip!! I love it! It's a like a shiny new baseball mitt or a kickin' pair of sneakers (again, Tomboy, I know, pathetic). 

And anyone looking to throw a KICKIN' Cinco de Mayo rager, your 8th graders Graduation party or the most BANGIN' Fourth of July party anyone has EVER seen (can we say The Catch-y Caterer's Sginature Bleu Cheese Burgers, Smoky BBQ ribs, Cheddar Corn Pudding & Gooey Butter Bars - you supply the fireworks) - THIS is the website to visit. We have staff, we take care of rentals, and we supply the most *SS-KICKING food imaginable. Yes, that's a promise. We are loading up a bunch of menu ideas this week onto the site so while that happens just click on over to the MOM'S NIGHT OFF! page and dabble in some Drunken Flank Steak & Roasted Reds, a Thai Shrimp Rice Bowl, some Fresh Gazpacho with DICED Avocado (giddy up!!) or our FAMOUS Panko Crusted Chicken Fingers (they do not disappoint) this week. 

Oh, and we STILL DELIVER. Like right to your doorstep. Do you need us to make this ANY easier for you?? Don't get stuck pissed off that you didn't just hit reply right now and order up. Seriously. I've seen it happen. Our food is so fresh you & your family can eat it ALL weekend long (when I'm in sunny Florida with friends btw - again, don't be a hater). So order. Now.


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