this is going to be short & sweet.

this is going to be short & sweet, we have a lot to get done by wednesday.

we have sign making going on. balloon ordering. ice cream mixing. blogging to remind all you fine, ice cream eating folks to get your buns on over to catchy. this wednesday for the FREE KIDDIE CUP ICE CREAM GIVEAWAY - yes!! it's finally here and this is so happening.

just six shorts weeks ago, i was sitting in a car with my daughter frankie when she said "mom, i think we REALLY need ice cream in hohokus. why don't you make it and sell it at catchy.?" boom. only eleven years old and that kid has business acumen. i like it. we quickly got to work at flavor creation, ice cream production, sign development and advertising (four kids means four grades of children who are hearing and seeing NOTHING but ice cream pictures on their Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook feeds. word. way to use your kids as child labor. the laws there are fuzzy people, it's legal, really).

so in less than two months, we have turned this idea into a reality. we've added some kids menu items to our repertoire, a little picnic table on the patio for your adorable little nuggets to enjoy coloring books, crayons & cups of our frozen magic while their moms enjoy a salad and a scroll on their insta in peace (your welcome). we are even going to be partnering up with a craft company and offering kid's ice cream birthday parties on sundays on our patio for those of you who hate hosting at your homes (god do i NOT miss those days or sticky fingers and exhausting). as usual, catchy. has got you covered.