it gets me every time

i'm watching the oscars tonight with my kids. looking at all these beautiful people streaming down the red carpet and up on stage (while i enjoy a frosty cocktail), and i'm. in. awe. all that talent and drive and determination in one place. it gets me every time.

whether it's the academy awards or the masters, the super bowl or even just serena williams latest post on her instagram about women and "crazy (if you haven't seen it, GO NOW)," i'm forever in awe of that thing called passion. passion: it's what makes good great. it's what drives someone to work day in, day out on their craft until they perfect it, only to have to do it all over again the next day. you fall down, you get it. i live for passion and harnessing it in everything i do to make something good into something GREAT.

i am one of those people who searches to be better than in every thing i do. bigger. better. faster. at times it's over the top - i know, i know, i'm working on it. but at other times, it is what shows my kids just what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it. find your passion and you will find a career that is easy, satisfying and joyful. because no matter the amount of work: the headaches, the fear and sometimes the failure, if you are passionate, it will drive you past all those difficult hurdles with a smile on your face each day.

here at catchy. we are constantly striving for GREATNESS...for everyone. i think we have the 30+ ladies demographic sewn up. word has it that you ladies are likin' what we do from our fresh, flavorful salads to our catering your book clubs & rose-infused ladies nights - whoo! thank you! now from the seamless, grub hub and online sources: it would seem the millenials are jammin' on catchy.'s fresh lunch fare, ordering enough burgers, sandwiches and crispy panko crusted chicken fingers to sink a ship with our online business soaring up and over the 500% mark in the past year - word. where else can we improve, expand, grow?? who is the next?? ahhh, i know. THE KIDS.

in the next six weeks, as the weather turns from frigid & blustery to (hopefully) sun-shiny & springlike, we are busy at work putting together a kid-focused campaign that we hope will brighten the hearts of every kid out there (big and small). my kids and i have brainstormed it over the past week away on vacations and our smiles below are a testimony to just how EXCITED we all are! we are mixing and testing, brainstorming and concocting. and hoping we will remedy the problem of the one thing hohokus doesn't have for the kids (not telling!)

we are hoping to usher it in this spring (march 15th maybe??) with a vengeance and put smiles back on the faces of all those kids out there. in the meantime, enjoy all these tasty delicious goodies sprinkled across the page by ordering online at you can enter your info right on our website with your address and credit card and never have to type it again! no need for door dash and uber eats because WE DELIVER!! just call or order online!