my apologies for going all dark on you...

wow. i know. it's been a while.

my apologies for going all dark on you on the blog line. i needed a little radio silence. after that month of catering and holiday drama i almost hid under the covers for a few weeks.

but i'm back, it's 2019 people we have got some FOOD for you over here. it's january and it would seem you folks are looking for some healthy choices. as usual, catchy. has you covered but just in case you have been on a starvation diet too called being "separated-and- not-being-able-to-keep-weight-on" we ALSO have a little something called fettucini alfredo with big, luscious chunks of white meat chicken that just blew my mind when i just snuck a little nibble when i was snapping this picture over here to my right. dontcha love how added a cup of steamed broccoli to it so it looks like we care about your eating some part of the rainbow. i know. we're givers.

but if you do happen to be wondering how we could reinvent our salads ONE MORE TIME and put together some ridiculously new and delicious choices for you: wonder no longer. we've got the chimichurri chicken salad with hunks of avocado & roasted pumpkin seeds with a lemony delish dressing. and we've got the spinach salad with gorgonzola, crispy bacon, apples & walnuts in a warm bacon vinaigrette (not sure that's really diet but man, it sure is good). and lastly we are rocking a crispy this chicken salad with napa cabbage, cashews, scallions, snow peas & carrots...YUMMM.

and btw, it's cold as nards out there, order online at and request delivery. no sense in being a hero and braving this stuff. #toodamncold