if i could give you visual right now, i'd be snapping my fingers and all fulla attitude. christmas is four days away and i have got. my. shit. TOGETHER. 

presents? check. house decorated? check. food shopping done? check. 36 parties between now and christmas day at catchy.? AW YEAH BABY!! CHECK.

needed to holla at you all, with just 10 days until the end of this year, to thank you for being the wonderful customers and friends you are and have become this year. you remind me why i do what i do. 

standing in my shop today, an older woman about my mom's age asked if i was the owner after picking up her lunch. i said yes and she began telling me how much she liked the feeling she got when she walked into my shop each week. i hear ya, me too. we launched into a rambling 20 minute conversation about working hard, finding your happy place, raising kids & instilling values (ya know, just your usual surface conversation). she left after introducing herself and my knowing she will return (i hope so jodi:)) and reminded once more why i do what i do. 

my customers make me happy. you walk in looking for a break, looking to connect, looking to share and we are here and love to meet you just where you are. connection is one of three things i value most in life (courage & compassion are the other two but that's a story for another time). meeting people where they are whether that be in need of a laugh, a break from life and a healthy salad, or a hug because they have just received the shittiest of shitty news and need to have someone take care of cooking for their family for a while, we are here for you. what goes around, comes around and we hope you keep coming around.

have a wonderful holiday season. 

i hope all your wishes come true.