Where intense flavors combine 
with family favorites


Here At The Catch-Y Caterer We Are All About Two Things:

 Intense Flavor Combinations And Family!

While these two things may not seem to connect at first glance, for The Catch-y Caterer, they are intertwined. So as you browse my website, you will often see either a picture of a flavor-rich dish that we lovingly create for you, our customer, or a photo of my family – the two most important things on Earth to me.

Erin Cacciabaudo, Head Chef and Owner, Catch-y Caterer

“I can never have my MOM’S NIGHT OFF! delivered to my mother’s house again…by the time I got there yesterday she had eaten the whole salad I bought for her and then dove into some of my Chicken Teriyaki, when I asked her about it she said she didn’t feel guilty because it tasted so good. Then she tried to bribe me for the salad I ordered for myself…” 

- Brittany P

“Sooo psyched my gang is calling in orders! Knew they would!! I loved your menu and food soo much that I kept telling more friends about you!! My son ADORED your food!!” 

- Lisa C


“Ok. Those were hands down THE best cookies ever. And don’t get me started on that pulled pork/Mac n cheese dinner. My whole family licked their plates clean. Yum. I’m hooked.”     

                                         - Rachel Z


“Erin if you were not married already I would pursue you for your barbequed Pulled Pork, mac & cheese and slaw. And those cookies are hands down, the best things I have ever had.”                                

 - Margo C


“My husband loved the shrimp & rice and the Strawberry Salad! He’s raved about everything I have ordered from you – and he’s a foodie!!”     

-Pam R


"So yummy! Just had some and my taste buds are dancin!" 

  - Steph D


Shrimp & Orzo is unbelievable!!”     

  -Erin M



Ever feel like it’s Groundhog’s Day and you just can’t visit that grocery store one more time or struggle to come up with something new, healthy, or just plain edible for your family?? Been there. Originally MOM’S NIGHT OFF! now you can take our delicious food home everyday. 

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So you’re looking for some catering, huh?
Well, The Catch-y Caterer promises THREE things when we cater a party for you. The first is individualized attention to you and your event.  Doesn’t every caterer promise that? Um... They do not. But we do.

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From small office luncheons to corporate events, you want your affair to be interesting, timely and in budget.  We are experts at combining all the elements to make your  event a success. 

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